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Dental Sleep Medicine is not currently a field in which a specialty exists.  The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine Does recognize Diplomate Status of the Board of Dental Sleep Medicine.  Diplomate have gone above and beyond basic training in Dental Sleep Medicine in the process of becoming Diplomates.


Sleep Apnea Treatment with Oral Appliances and Dental Sleep Medicine.

Oral Appliance are extremely effective for treating mild to moderate sleep apnea and are considered a first line treatment.  For severe sleep apnea CPAP is the first choice of treatment but oral appliances and Dental Sleep Medicine are considered an alternative treatment for patients who do not want or do not tolerate CPAP.

It is reported that Colin Sullivan who invented CPAP uses an Oral Appliance as a CPAP Alternative to treat his own Sleep Apnea.

Treating Sleep Apnea leads to a Better Life.

The number one reason patients don't use CPAP is that "I HATE CPAP".
Many years ago I created as a resource for patients who Hate CPAP and want a comfortable alternative to CPAP.  
Patients seeking a CPAP Alternative in Chicago can find a dentist through the I Hate CPAP site or they can go to

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Monday, March 14, 2016