Migraine Headache Treatment

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If you have a headache, chances are your first impulse is to reach for an aspirin. However, if you regularly suffer from severe headaches, did you know that a dentist could help? If you live in or around Highland Park, North Shore Sleep Dentistry offers a wide range of treatments for migraine headaches.

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Determining Your Headache Treatment

Dr. Shapira is an experienced neuromuscular dentist, a discipline that stresses the need to treat not only symptoms of a disorder but the cause of the oral health issue as well. To do this, it’s important to get an accurate picture of what’s causing your headaches.

Some common health issues can result in migraine symptoms. These include disorders of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ/TMD) that connects the lower jaw to the skull, as well as sleep apnea. Dr. Shapira is dedicated to holistic treatment of both of these conditions.

Headache Treatment Services

Headaches caused by TMJ dysfunction occur when the bite is misaligned, putting uneven pressure on facial nerves and resulting in migraines. The TMJ is a complex mechanism, and restoring its function requires the knowledge of an experienced dentist.

Generally, headache relief occurs in tandem with TMJ treatment options like:

  • Using a TENS unit to relax the muscles through low-frequency electrical stimulation
  • Realigning the jaw with a specially made oral appliance
  • Activating natural cells in the jaw with a DNA appliance® to straighten teeth into a healthy, functional position

Sleep apnea treatment can not only alleviate the risk and severity of migraines but also fight chronic fatigue and diminish your risk for major complications like diabetes, heart disease, and more. Treatment generally involves restoring proper breathing during sleep to keep oxygen flowing throughout the body.

Dr. Shapira has often found that the most effective treatment for headaches and other symptoms stemming from TMJ and sleep disorders is encouraging the body’s natural processes to heal chronic illness. Though other dentists might recommend over-the-counter or prescription pain medication, in many cases Dr. Shapira will suggest non-surgical and drug-free therapies in an effort to encourage ideal health and function for the mouth and the entire body.

If you regularly suffer from migraine headaches, don’t delay seeking treatment. Please contact North Shore Sleep Dentistry or call (847) 533-8313 today to schedule your consultation. Dr. Shapira welcomes patients throughout the Highland Park area.