Chonic Neck Pain Relief: The Missing Link, Neuromuscular Dentistry

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Neuromuscular Dentists are well known for expertise in treating TMJ Disrders, Migraines and Chronic Daily Headaches but patients do not usually consider seeing their dentist for neck and shoulder pain. 

There are enormous postural connection connections bthat encompas jaw position and head position. Musculoskeletal Dentistry is the whole body connection to neuromuscular dentistry.  When the jaw position changes so does the head position.  Chronic overuse of neck and shoulder muscles is a frequent cause of Trigger points and taut band.  When these form the condition is called Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction.

Neuromuscular Dentistry addresses MPD or Myofascial Pain in several different ways.  It is also possible to inactivate trigger points directly with Spray and Stretch Techniques and Trigger Point injections for rapid relief.

There are two videos I am presenting on this Blog.  The first one is Nancy who suffered from over 15 years of chronic neck and shoulder pain without relief.  Her neck and low  back was was very severe and she reported being at every type of doctor.  She had been to Rheumatologists, Neurologist and pain management doctors with no lasting relief.

The video report drastic improvment after just her first visit.

The second video is of a patient with chronic shoulder pain who experienced no relief from Physical Therapy, physicians or chiroprctors.  Trigger Point injections just one time resulted in total relief of her neck and shoulder pain.  She remains free of pain months after the injections.

These types of stories are very common when utilizing neuromuscular dentistry and/or trigger point injections to treat chronic pain.

When chronic neck and shoulder pain does not respond to treatment the neuromuscularly trained dentist might hold the answers to improving your Quality of Life!

Posted Date: 
Tuesday, August 18, 2015